Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a circle?

Each circle runs for six months. The first circle is Essential Embodiment Practices. It's required before continuing to the next circles. The second and third circles focus on the Fundamental Embodiment Processes (based on alchemy). The fourth circle will be Foundational Embodiment Principles (based on alchemy). Circles five and beyond will be revealed as developed.

What does each circle include each month?

Each month, a new training module opens with a video, audio and transcript of video, and a play sheet detailing the practice, the spiritual and psychological rationale and gifts of the practice, and the “how to” do the practice. 

Do I need to complete the circles on a specific timeline?

You work with the material on your time schedule and set your schedule for the practices. It’s all self-paced.

How often are there Zoom meetings?

Twice monthly, there is a live Zoom circle for sharing, asking questions, and musing together about the practices. The circles are video recorded and posted in the course portal, so if you don’t attend live, you still have the information. I’ve received lots of feedback from people who don’t attend live about the power and benefit of watching the recorded circles. 

When do the circles open?

The circles open on the summer and winter solstices (June 21st and December 21st). A kickoff Zoom meeting on opening day will include an opportunity to meet current and new members, reflect on the solstice, and set sacred intention for your circle practice.