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Spiral 1:
Essential Embodiment Practices

Circle opens to new members on the Summer and Winter Solstices. 

Cultivate six body-focused practices designed to increase conscious awareness and healthy relationship to yourself.

  • Body awareness:  Develop sensitivity and self-awareness of subtle sensations, emotions, feelings, and impulses.
  • Relaxation: Facilitate the flow of your essence.
  • Rhythmic breathing: Influence and channel the energies that flow through you.
  • Mind awareness: Develop the part of your  psyche that sees and observes your thoughts and how they affect your body.
  • Concentration: Place your attention where it's needed to develop your authentic self.
  • Developing the will: Align with your life force’s flow.


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Spiral 2:
Fundamental Embodiment Processes 1–6

Spiral 2 begins each Summer and Winter Solstice.

Open only to members of Essential Embodiment Practices.

Building on the Essential Embodiment Practices, we'll consciously dance with the alchemical processes of individuation:

  • Calcination: The Drying Out of Volatile Emotions and Erroneous Beliefs
  • Congelation: Creative Imagination Yields New Patterns and Forms
  • Fixation: Right Relationship Between Levels of Consciousness
  • Separation: A New Definition of Self
  • Digestion: Extracting Psychic Energy from Form
  • Distillation: Accessing the Essence


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Spiral 3:
Fundamental Embodiment Processes 7–12

Begins each Summer and Winter Solstice.

Open only to members of Fundamental Embodiment Processes 1–6

Continuing to build on the Fundamental Embodiment Processes:

  • Sublimation: Bringing our Heart’s Desires to Consciousness
  • Putrefaction: Death of the Falsehood of Ego Independence
  • Incineration: Knowing All is God Within/the Self
  • Fermentation: The Leaven of the Holy Guardian Angel
  • Dissolution: New Bodily Awareness
  • Multiplication: Ongoing Embodiment of the New


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Spiral 4:
All Inclusive Embodiment Principles

Begins each Summer and Winter Solstice for ongoing circle members.

Deepen your connection to your self, Self, and others with understanding the workings of psyche via alchemical principles.

  • The Self/God Within is in All
  • "As within, so without." 
  • Vibration—Everything is in motion
  • Polarity—Every thing exists with its opposite
  • Rhythm—Energy moves between poles
  • Causation—Everything has an origin
  • Gender operates on all planes—masculine and feminine poles connect for the flow of energy


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Spiral 5:
Core Embodiment Centers (CEC)

Begins each Summer and Winter Solstice for ongoing circle members.

  • Gain increased access to your central fire, the divine essence, by tuning into head, heart, and gut as centers of consciousness that, when aligned or flowing harmoniously, connect you to your larger Self or God Within.
  • Learn how The ALL of the Self you are is in All aspects of your psyche.
  • Gain working knowledge of the planes of correspondence and laws of polarity and rhythm throughout the centers.


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Spiral 6:
Key Embodiment Capacities

Begins each Summer and Winter Solstice for ongoing circle members.

Cultivate the key embodiment capacities:

  • Vision & Intuition
  • Discernment & Words
  • Taste & Touch/Gut Knowing
  • Action & Movement
  • Passion & Laughter
  • Receptivity & Integration


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Advent Circle 2023

Online Companion to New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Birth of Christ Within

This guided journey toward the birth of Christ within includes 7 videos with 12 supplementary materials over a 4-week curriculum featuring reflections on:

  • Hope and Expectancy
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace and Purity

Work/Play Sheets for each daily meditation.

Live Zoom launch with Kathleen and circle on November 26, 5-6 pm ET.


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